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This giraffe shaped floor lamp brings an iconic object into your home. The philosophy behind the design is that the giraffe is in love, but doesn't know it yet. Her heart is too far away from her head...
Also pets like to eat in style! This feed trough from Yamazaki combines style with ease of use: 2-layered set for water and food, high position of the trough (no strain on neck and back of your pet), beautiful materials (steel and ceramics).
Cold? Shivery? This boob will warm you up again. This heating cushion filled with wheat and lavender works as a cherry stone pillow but smells much better. Just put it in the microwave for 1 to 1.5 minutes.
Nothing beats the feeling of luck like a mouse who falls into a rice bin. Bring that feeling home today with the Lucky Mouse, who will sit happily in your food container and add a fun twist to your kitchen.

QL10326 Lucky Mouse 3.5 L
At first sight? Scary! But take a good look, and you'll see the details. Beautiful! Stool - Side Table Mexico, in the shape of a skull, dares to go a step further than the usual. Looks for the edges. Wants to stand out. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Back again, the real 60s lava lamps. This is the Rocket variant with a wood effect base It has the shape of a rocket. With moving emerald green lavabulbs that ensure the spacy spectacle.
Natural materials, intelligent technology, fine details. Gingko's 2nd generation click clocks stand out because of their sleek design, finished in wood and equipped with the new flip alarm technology, easier than ever to use! 
Kong XS is a unique gorilla floor or table lamp, with plenty of possibilities to give your house extra character. This monkey steals the show with his movable arm with lamp, so the lamp shines in different angles (from up to down).
A Game with a twist: you get to choose your opponent's questions. The object of the game is to eliminate the other players one by one with questions you think are sure to stump them.
Th e last one standing wins the round. English version. Age 14+
Create cool messages for displaying on this original airport message board. Including 264 letters, numbers & punctuation marks. Suitable for any occasion: on holidays, at work or just at home.
Digital alarm clock and charging station for your mobile phone. Simply place your phone on top of the clock and it charges wirelessly. Works with an adapter.
Original pen holder in the shape of a dog. All your pencils, ballpoint pens and other writing utensils will have found their place on your desk, well protected by this sympathetic doggy.
Stand out from your friends by opening their bottles with this powerful leopard bottle opener. An accessory that is as aesthetic as it is indispensable. No capsule will be able to resist the silent power of this leopard. Cheers!
This cube exudes class. As a tribute to the famous Italian Carrara marble quarry, this lamp imitates the noble material perfectly. The light gushing out of the polished stone is a brilliant decorative idea. Including retro style filament lamp.
Throw your whisky stones into a glass of whiskey to keep the drink cool without watering down by melting ice. In this way, the taste is optimally preserved. Set of 9 cubes and a nice bag to put the stones in the freezer.
Set of 2 egg cups in the shape of a wedding couple. Nice gift for a wedding or wedding anniversary.
Maneki-Neko is a fortune provider from Japan. This sweet kitten just doesn't stop waving, to spread happiness all around. Place it in a conspicuous spot where everyone can see it.
Back again, the real 60s lava lamps. This one is completely in gold colour: a gold coloured base, with gold moving lavabubbles in a clear liquid. For a never ending fascinating light spectacle.
Also pets like to eat in style! This feed trough from Yamazaki combines style with ease of use: 2-layered set for water and food, high position of the trough (no strain on neck and back of your pet), beautiful materials (steel and ceramics).
The perfect gift for the true beer lover! This wall map shows a selection of breweries and beers in beer country Belgium, each with a beer bottle icon. Scratch off the breweries you have visited or the Belgian beers you have tried.
Wall coat rack in the shape of a cardio heartbeat. The wall mount is included. Original gift for cardiologists, athletes, but of course also for all people with a .... HEART!
Dream about your next destination or cherich memories of your last holiday. Mappit from Umbra is a graphical world map and metal magnet board for your favorite travel photos. A stunning wall decoration with beautiful depth effect.
Gorilla Cesare is a potent gorilla, made of polyresin, and a striking friend to decorate your house with a light ironic wink.
Funny set of the three monkeys 'Hear, see and speak no evil'. Choice of various colours.

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