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Dream about your next destination or cherich memories of your last holiday. Mappit from Umbra is a graphical world map and metal magnet board for your favorite travel photos. A stunning wall decoration with beautiful depth effect.
The perfect gift for the true beer lover! This wall map shows a selection of breweries and beers in beer country Belgium, each with a beer bottle icon. Scratch off the breweries you have visited or the Belgian beers you have tried.
Back again, the real 60s lava lamps. This one is chromed and has red lavabulbs in purple liquid that ensure the spectacle.
Maneki-Neko is a fortune provider from Japan. This sweet kitten just doesn't stop waving, to spread happiness all around. Place it in a conspicuous spot where everyone can see it.
Bookmark in the shape of a curious cat who wants to climb over the edge of the book. This way you will quickly find the right page in a pleasant way. Made of flexible plastic, for more resistance to bending and falling.
All mobile phones and smartphones are locked in prison. This way, a party can be a real party again, without constant fiddling and plucking on the phone. A silent hint and perfect gift for all smartphone addicts.
Back again, the real 60s lava lamps. This one is completely in gold colour: a gold coloured base, with gold moving lavabubbles in a clear liquid. For a never ending fascinating light spectacle.
Beer themed socks in a handy can.
The most rebellious wall calendar for 2020. Because also 2020 will be a fucking year with Fucking Exams in spring, Fucking Tourists in summer, Fucking Flu in autumn and Fucking Xmas Presents in winter.
Synergy is a series of LED floor lamps (S, M or L) that are at the same time bluetooth speaker and wine cooler. Ingenious Danish design, quality sound system, warm yellow mood light and your drinks always fresh. A unique roommate, both indoors and outdoor
Beautiful, funny gnome that raises the middle finger. A pleasantly disturbed friend for inside or outside the house. Limited GOLDEN edition. There is also the Color Edition, with many other colors.
Holder for headphones or earphones in the shape of a rockstar hand. This headset stand has an antique gold coating and is roughly finished. This gives it an authentic retro vintage look that radiates pure rock 'n roll.
Back again, the real 60s lava lamps. This white one has blue lavabulbs that ensure the spectacle.
The Kama Mat is a doormat that is not only qualitative and functional, but also extremely funny thanks to the original cartoon print of artist Kamagurka. 100% Belgian design and manufacture.
Back again, the real 60s lava lamps. This one is chromed and has orange lavabulbs that ensure the spectacle.
Cook, serve and save eggs in the coolest way! This small penguin colony can hold up to 6 eggs together in your fridge or in the pan while cooking. The handle will always remain cool to safely remove the eggs from the boiling water.
Decorative origami figurine in the shape of a rabbit. The origami statues of Present Time exist in various animal figures. They bring atmosphere and happiness, directly into your home.
Pouffe container in the shape of a retro suitcase on legs. Perfect for an extra seat or footrest . In the inner compartment you can store all kinds of objects, such as books, remote controls and even cushions or small blankets. DIFFERENT COLORS!
Wall coat rack in the shape of a cardio heartbeat. The wall mount is included. Original gift for cardiologists, athletes, but of course also for all people with a .... HEART!
A fun game featuring over 400 questions that are almost impossible to answer just right. The answers are always numbers in this game. If your opponents think your answer sounds wrong, they can stick you with an I’m Not Saying You’re Stupid-card.
Nothing beats the feeling of luck like a mouse who falls into a rice bin. Bring that feeling home today with the Lucky Mouse, who will sit happily in your food container and add a fun twist to your kitchen.

QL10326 Lucky Mouse 3.5 L
Holder for cotton swabs, inspired by the world famous picture of a seahorse swimming with a discarded cotton swab. This holder will help you to be responsible with the use of all disposable plastic products.
Brighten up your walls with these cute hummingbirds. Set of 9, easy to hang using an adhesive (included). Easy and flawless to remove. Hang them according to your own creativity, all together or spread out over several places.

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