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Set of 4 magnetic coasters that together form the word LOVE. A sweet gift for those you love. Surprise him or her and attach them unannounced to the fridge or any other metal surface!
Display your favourite photos in an original way. Assign the emoticon you prefer to each photo. The Emoji photo holder consists of a 150 cm long twisted steel cable, and 6 magnetised emoticons to attach the photos at the height you want.
Show your favorite photos in an original way with this magnetic photo holder, for example on the refrigerator door. The three wooden birds also have a magnet, so you can easily attach pictures to the rod.
Pen holder in the shape of a mythical unicorn, with the pen forming the horn. It also works well as a paperweight.
Cool on your desk at home or at work. 'The Head' gives character to your work or study area. and keeps your desk tidy.
Cool on your desk at home or at work. Mister Tidy keeps your desk tidy and always has the necessary pens and your (sun)glasses at your fingertips.
Super handy case in which you can store both your eyeglasses and contact lenses.
Jewelry holder in the form of a pink flamingo.
Decorative liquor decanter with a glass skull inside. Content: 1 liter.
Wall mounted coat rack with space for three photos (10x15 cm). On top there is a handy storage compartment for cell phone, letters, keys, ...
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