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Damn right, hell no! An entertaining party game featuring more than 400 provocative, awkward, and hilarious statements that players must quickly react to. This game is in English.
A fun game featuring over 400 questions that are almost impossible to answer just right. The answers are always numbers in this game. If your opponents think your answer sounds wrong, they can stick you with an I’m Not Saying You’re Stupid-card.
'I Have This Friend' is a revealing get-to-know-you game that can also be played as a drinking game. Players take turns reading over 200 embarrassing statements and then confess each time something applies to them.
Ja, Nee, Misschien (meaning Yes, No, Maybe) is a very enjoyable and fast going party game , where you have to answer as many crazy questions as possible, without using certain words. IN DUTCH!
A first name that starts with an S. A song of ABBA. An animal in the zoo.... What do you think your fellow players will answer? Purpose of this Party Game: giving the answer you think most other players will give it as well. IN DUTCH!
Hysterically fun and amazingly entertaining party game that brings out the craziest stories and most exciting secrets about you and your friends. IN DUTCH!
This is a game about anything you have not learned in school ... More than 300 insane, bizarre and utterly useless, but still super interesting and entertaining questions that are as fun to make as to hear the answer! Language: dutch


  • exciting and outrageously entertaining games
  • card games, party games, drinking games
  • for hours of fun wirh family and friend
  • ideal to get your party started
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