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Set of 4 shot glasses in the shape of a skull. For party daredevils!
Cute little gnome waving to everyone he sees passing by. Works 100% on solar energy.
Kitchen timer that looks like Beethoven's bust. When he goes off you hear 'Für Elise'.
Wooden Multi-Tool, including key ring, knife, pliers,... Very handy, often at times and places where you didn't expect it. So, be prepared!
Adjustable headlight with 5 different types of light. The white light can be set to bright, soft or strobe light, the red light lights up continuously or gives SOS signal. Includes 2 CR2032 batteries.
Luminous washing wire to hang your favorite photos on. Includes 10 cheerful clothes pegs and LED lights. Easy to attach with the corresponding suction cups.
Car holder for your mobile phone. Click it into the air grille of your car. This way, your phone is within easy reach and perfectly usable as a navigation device. You can make hands-free calls by turning on the speaker of your phone.
Silver karaoke microphone, connectable to the mini jack-out of your smartphone. Ideal for recording your karaoke songs, wherever and whenever you want. And don't forget to film yourself or shoot selfies!
3D puzzle by Kikkerland that you put together yourself with the accompanying manual. Suitable for puzzlers from 14 years old. You don't need any glue or tools for it, and once you've finished you'll have a beautiful beast in your house.
Kitchen timer that looks like Mozart's bust. When he goes off you hear 'Minuet in G' from Mozart. Supplied including batteries.
Ultra-thin lamp cable with 20 LED lights. Works with 2 AA batteries (not included) and has a timer function.
That's really enjoying your cup of tea! Place 1 of the 4 dolls on the edge of your tea glass, hang your tea bag and let the fisherman fish until your tea has the right strength.
The Wood Hammer Multi-Tool has 10 tools in 1. Tools included are: hammer, flat head screwdriver, bottle opener, reamer, saw blade, file, knife blade, phillips head screwdriver, pliers and wire cutters. Keychain included.
Remarkably cheerful bottle opener in the shape of a dog. After opening the bottle he likes to keep the capsule in his mouth for a while.
Corkscrew in the shape of a bird. Includes foil cutter and bottle opener. A cheerful design by gadget design brand Kikkerland.
The funniest corkscrew for a long time has the shape of a cute piggy and comes from Kikkerland. He is guaranteed to immediately turn a smile on everyone's face.
Cycling while enjoying a delicious coffee? Now it's easier than ever with this leather cup holder for the bike. Fits most cup sizes.
This handy phone accessory is glued to the back of your phone. It unfolds in 2 compartments: one for your cards and one for your money. And you don't have to worry about glue remnants: the included tape is residue-free.
€9,99 €4,99
Always and everywhere, this crab will lend you a helping claw. In his sturdy beechwood shell are many handy stainless steel aids hidden, such as a mini scissors, bottle opener, screwdriver, can opener, mini knife,...
Original and versatile manicure set in the shape of a fox. Consists of a clipper, nail file, scissor, cuticle pusher and blade.
A tribute to the inventor of the bulb lamp, Thomas Edison. The light in his hand is powered entirely by the solar panel on his back.
String light with 10 LED lights in the shape of a disco mirror ball. Energy-efficient thanks to LED technology. Works with 2 AA batteries (not included).
Using your smartphone to navigate by bike is now easier than ever. This smartphone holder from Kikkerland is waterproof, allows touch screen operation and is particularly fast to assemble and can be rotated 360 degrees.


  • Kikkerland gadgets are full of fantasy and inspiration
  • Kikkerland gift articles are full of creativity
  • Kikkerland makes original variants of functional products
  • Kikkerland is known all over the world for its large and original range of unique gifts, in which function, design and fun come together.
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