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Beer themed socks in a handy can. Choice of 3 flavours: Ale (Orange), Lager (Yellow), Ale (Orange), Stout (Black)
If you’re having trouble keeping it all together, invest in a little forest calm, and organise your desk with our Cabin Tidy. Split into 3 compartments, it is the perfect way to stack your stationery goodies on top of one another for easy access.
Everyone knows that an elephant never forgets. That's why Elephant Eric is a unique mini memo board that makes sure that you also don't forget anything. Deleteable pen and cloth included.
Black piggy bank for the real Capitalist Pig. Write with chalk on your savings pot what you are saving for. Including 4 crayons.
Laptop or tablet case resembling a classic envelope. Perfect for those who don't like to walk around visibly with their expensive stuff and still like to add a stylish touch.
Cool speaker in a tin box. Small enough for your pocket, but big enough for a powerful and beautiful sound. Charging is done via USB, after which music can be listened to for 12 hours. Perfect for on the go. Incl. USB charging cable.
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