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This vintage-inspired world globe is a functioning moneybox. Simply use the dry-wipe marker to inscribe your destination, track routes, and star attractions, then wipe away when it’s time for the next adventure.
A Revolving Globe for your desk which can spin for up to 30 days on a single AA-battery .
A fresh and original men's gift: candle with a beer scent. Available in three beer-inspired scents: Stout, Ale and Lager.
A fresh and original men's gift: beer-inspired puzzles in a can. Choice of Stout, Ale and Lager.
The perfect gift for the true beer lover! Scratch off each of the 42 beer beverages as you try them, and collect facts along the way about flavour profiles, and even beer glasses.
Golden key chain in the shape of a skull.
The perfect men's gift! The award-winning Beer Socks are now also packed together in a tough 3 Pack with the three "flavours" (Stout, Ale and Lager) brotherly together in an extra high tin.
Original bottle stopper in the form of a detailed, lifelike bear's head. This wine stopper will make your delicious bottle of wine stand out from the crowd. With an airtight closure for optimal use.
Key hanger in the shape of an elephant head. Never Forget where your keys are, ever again. Three different hanging points: 2 tusks and 1 trunk. Single hanging slot on reverse for wall mounting. Antique gold finish.
Striking and qualitative wine stop in the shape of a skull. The wine will certainly not be left unmentioned at your next party or dinner!
The French bulldog has now become such a popular dog that his flat nose can now also brighten up your better bottle of wine. This bulldog shaped modern wine stopper will certainly be a big hit at any dinner table.
Holder for headphones or earphones in the shape of a rockstar hand. This headset stand has an antique gold coating and is roughly finished. This gives it an authentic retro vintage look that radiates pure rock 'n roll.
Beer themed socks in a handy can.
Everyone knows that an elephant never forgets. That's why Elephant Eric is a unique mini memo board that makes sure that you also don't forget anything. Deleteable pen and cloth included.
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