Peleg Design

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Mister Razor is a razor holder with a suction cup. This elegant gentleman keeps your razor where it belongs: on a fine moustache. With the suction cup you can easily attach it to a tile or mirror in the bathroom.
Set of 5 silver-colored vases. Surprise your guests because they seem too thin to be able to stand, but that's not true. They stand with the help of the supplied metal plates (under tablecloth) and a strong magnet in the base of the vases.
Decking the table was never so much fun! Surprise your guests with a flourishing dining table. Take a napkin, fold it in half and give the flower a quick turn. This way your napkin will change into colourful petals. Set of 4 napkin holders.
This magical bottle can be screwed open at the bottom, but totally invisible. So everyone will wonder how you got that particular thing in that bottle.
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