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Nothing beats the feeling of luck like a mouse who falls into a rice bin. Bring that feeling home today with the Lucky Mouse, who will sit happily in your food container and add a fun twist to your kitchen.

QL10326 Lucky Mouse 3.5 L
According to an ancient folktale, a rabbit lives on the moon, and if you look closely on a clear night, you can see it.
Now, you can find this lunar bunny in your own (rice)container to keep you company and help you scooping.
Holder for cotton swabs, inspired by the world famous picture of a seahorse swimming with a discarded cotton swab. This holder will help you to be responsible with the use of all disposable plastic products.
This gorilla is more useful than you might think. It not only helps you to open bottles, it is also a memo holder. With its magnetic legs, it always is within easy reach, ready to be used.
Hang your keys on the little birds. Each birdis a keyholder and a whistle. Back at home, hang your little birdies with your keys in their birdhouse, also your key box.
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