Sonny Angel

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The Sonny Angels celebrate Halloween with a new limited edition: the HalloweenSeries 2018. The four new lucky puppets look super sweet again, ready to spread happiness and good luck around the world.
A new series of 12 Sonny Angels: 'Animal Series 3 - special color' (limited edition)
A new regular series of 6 Sonny Angels: the Birthday Gift series, dressed up as cupcake. Surprise a birthday boy with a special 'Happy Birthday' Sonny Angel or put one on top of your birthday cake.
A new regular series of 12 Sonny Angels: the 'Sweet Series'. Never before these fortune bearers have been so sweet to look at. We all want them all!

They are from Japan and they bring you good luck. Both children and adults love them. Therefor, Sonny Angels are a perfect idea for anyone who wants to give a sweet little gift to someone else. But beware: if you offer a Sonny Angel to someone, he will be so happy he wants another one, and another one, and another one... That's why people often gather Sonny Angels. As a true collector's item.

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