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Decorate your birthday cake with this luminous Las Vegas neon-style decoration. Easy to activate with one push button, the letters light up sequentially. Endlessly reusable!
The Bottle 'String' Light turns each empty bottle into a beautiful atmosphere lamp with a unique glow. Plug the cable, which contains 10 LEDs, into the bottle and close the cap (which also contains a light). The whole is USB rechargeable.
Heavy bottle opener in the form of a dangerous dinosaur. He won't break his teeth on an orinary bottle cap, so beware of your fingers!
Set of 12 thumb nails with a clip, in trendy copper. Ideal for those who do not want to make holes in the walls, but still want to hang out their favorite pictures.
Cool in every kitchen, especially for the lovers of tennis: salad servers in the form of 2 tennis rackets.
Original and creative world map where you can visualize your travel plans or travel experience by... sewing them!
The set includes two needles and 4 wires in 4 different colors.
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