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A drink bottle hidden in a hardcover book. No one will think to look there. Save your favorite shot in the stainless steel pocket bottle for when you need a quick boost.
Super-grip, multi-functional metal clip that's as strong as it looks. Useful throughout the home, from sealing food parcels to bundling paperwork. Extra large format with a brass finish, in the shape of a skull.
Terrifyingly sharp stainless steel scissors with a brass finish in the shape of a skull. From hair to paper, these heavy-duty scissors for general use are both convenient and remarkable in look.
Lunchbox in the shape of a food truck. Never before have those sandwiches gone in so smoothly.
Create your own criminal record with this poster and a set of 10 number cards.Create a convict-style case file on the growth of your little terrors, complete with photographic evidence! A light-hearted gift for friends with crazy kids.
Lunchbox in the shape of a rocket. Never before have those sandwiches gone in so smoothly.
Fool your pets into thinking a real goldfish is swimming in their water bowl. The 3-dimensional, hand-painted ceramic goldfish sitting at the bottom of the dish will convince even the most canny cat that they have a surprise visitor. Cool gift for cat-lov
Dining bowl or candy jar for the cat, including personalization stickers so you can dress the bowl yourself. Your cat will love it!
Create your custom greeting. This gift box contains a recorder. Say your personal message, put your gift in the box and hand it over as an original gift. Your message is played as soon as the gift box is opened.
€12,50 €6,25
Set of 6 coasters with which you can make a decorative cactus. A useful and super original gift for your friends or yourself!
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