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Tropical bathroom and WC accessory for some extra FUN in the house. Your toiletroom also deserves this cool toilet brush in the form of a cactus.
Small storage box in the shape of a sheep. Useful for the storage of all kinds of small items on your desk, in the bedroom, in the bathroom,.... Think for example of cotton swabs. But he is also great for sweets.
A free standing toilet paper holder, with a pivoting head inspired by the elegant tucan bird. Holds 5 rolls in reserve, while dispensing another.
Ingeniously designed mirror that offers incredible ease of use on a limited surface area. Behind the mirror there are 3 shelves where you can store all kinds of stuff. Beautiful and practical in the bathroom, hall or bedroom.
Houston, we’ve solved a problem! Meet apollo, the courageous astronaut on a mission to keep hold of your child’s toothbrush and make teeth brushing time fun.
A true sponge head, this Brain Drain. Handy and funny for use in the shower or kitchen.
Beautiful and extremely practical storage rack for toilet or bathroom. Everything at hand but out of sight. Japanese design by Yamazaki.
Mirror in the form of a sunset, where the holder is also an organizer. Useful for the storage of small things like jewellery, make-up articles, writing materials,...
Stylish storage box for tissues, from the Japanese designer brand Yamazaki.
Stylish storage box for tissues, from the Japanese designer brand Yamazaki.
After a long, tiring day you can always relax in the bath. Bath bridge Aquala makes the pleasure even greater!
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