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A free standing toilet paper holder, with a pivoting head inspired by the elegant tucan bird. Holds 5 rolls in reserve, while dispensing another.
Dream about your next destination or cherich memories of your last holiday. Mappit from Umbra is a graphical world map and metal magnet board for your favorite travel photos. A stunning wall decoration with beautiful depth effect.
Zina (of design brand Umbra) keeps magazines, newspapers and vinyl records neatly arranged. The strikingly geometric wire design creates an extra style element. Can stand as well as hang.
Ingeniously designed mirror that offers incredible ease of use on a limited surface area. Behind the mirror there are 3 shelves where you can store all kinds of stuff. Beautiful and practical in the bathroom, hall or bedroom.
Diamond #8 is the largest in the FilamentStyle series. This ceiling lamp not only looks like a precious diamond, it gives just as beautiful light by means of Filament lamp (not included). The cable in textile has a black color.
Flip clock by Karlsson Clocks. For installation on rack, table, desk or wall. Every minute the numbers flip to the right time. Even more beautiful and striking in this extra large version.
Original Flip clock from Karlsson Clocks, in minimalist design. The clock can stand by itself, but as well it can be attached to the wall.
Decorative wooden deer head. Put it together yourself (piece of cake!) and then enjoy his loyal company for years on your favorite wall.
Beautiful wall clock from Karlsson in super sleek mirror glass design, so that the Mirage can also be used as a mirror at the same time.
Personalize your favourite wall with this cool-black holder for 42 photos, greeting cards, postcards or memos. Includes 42 clips and wall mountings.
Surprise every visitor with original or practical messages. The possibilities with this extra large old school retro letterboard are unlimited. Includes 298 white letters and symbols.
Be sweet, funny or informative. This retro letterboard is ready to spread your message, whatever it may be. Includes 298 white letters and symbols.
Surprise your partner, friends or visitors with personalized messages. Funny or functional. The possibilities with this old school vintage letterboard are unlimited. Includes 298 white letters and symbols.
With this magnificent bedding you can turn each bedroom into a cool place in no time. It wil make going to bed a real party, for both young and old.
Neon LED lamp in the form of an arrow on a concrete base. A cool ambience creator in the house that will point in the right direction at all times.
Beautiful and extremely practical storage rack for toilet or bathroom. Everything at hand but out of sight. Japanese design by Yamazaki.
Classy umbrella stand for both large and foldable umbrellas. Japanese quality design by Yamazaki.
Decorative bird, handy as a key rack and to hang other everyday items on. At the top there is room for correspondence, cards or memos.
Magnetic board in the form of a black text balloon, including 6 magnets. Get creative with photos, postcards and memos, and bring some fun into your house.
Original smoke detector in the shape of an owl. To cheer up every interior, and certainly the children's room. By means of the supplied tape and fixing materials, Mr. Owl is easy to hang on the wall or ceiling.
Finally an original shaped smoke detector. It was given the design of a bird house with a roof in real wood. It fits in any modern interior and can be mounted on the wall.
Decorative penguin in silver that can also serve as a savings deposit box. Saving becomes fun again!
Decorative savings pot, designed as a Bambi deer of gold. Saving becomes fun again!
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