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Toiletry bag for men, with with boxing print. Ideal for travelling or extended weekend trips.
This sturdy and cute backpack with a Unicorn design has handy adjustable shoulder straps and an extra pocket in the front for small items. The main pouch is big enough to hold a school lunch and snacks.
Holder for 48 coffee capsules, in the form of a cactus. Suitable for both Nespresso coffee pads and other brands.
Holder for your favourite magazines, newspapers or vinyl records. The round frame makes it easy to lift the whole and present it in an accessible way. Hoop Magazine Rack can hold up to 24 magazines or records.
Sports bag for men, with boxing print. Also perfect as a travel bag for a long weekend or short city trip.
Toiletry bag for men, with sturdy fat moustache print. Ideal for travelling or extended weekend trips.
Cool on your desk at home or at work. 'The Head' gives character to your work or study area. and keeps your desk tidy.
Cool on your desk at home or at work. Mister Tidy keeps your desk tidy and always has the necessary pens and your (sun)glasses at your fingertips.
Small storage box in the shape of a sheep. Useful for the storage of all kinds of small items on your desk, in the bedroom, in the bathroom,.... Think for example of cotton swabs. But he is also great for sweets.
Square umbrella stand for both large and foldable umbrellas. Japanese quality design by Yamazaki. Easy to clean thanks to the removable base below.
Square umbrella stand from Japanese design brand Yamazaki, with space for 12 umbrellas. Tight and elegant design, with a drain tray for water. Suitable for home or office use.
Rectangular umbrella stand from Japanese design brand Yamazaki. Smart and modern design, equipped with a water drain tray. Beautiful in the house, for example in the hall, as well as in the office.
A free standing toilet paper holder, with a pivoting head inspired by the elegant tucan bird. Holds 5 rolls in reserve, while dispensing another.
Zina (of design brand Umbra) keeps magazines, newspapers and vinyl records neatly arranged. The strikingly geometric wire design creates an extra style element. Can stand as well as hang.
Ingeniously designed mirror that offers incredible ease of use on a limited surface area. Behind the mirror there are 3 shelves where you can store all kinds of stuff. Beautiful and practical in the bathroom, hall or bedroom.
Organise your space in style with this new storage solution. The cork cone comes in three pastel colours. Perfect for pens, pencils, brushes or anything you please. This contemporary storage pot is both functional and beautiful.
Bobby Compact is the slightly smaller urban brother of the regular Bobby and has an extra fresh color. The Bobby Compact is also designed as the most safe anti-theft backpack. For undisturbed and 100% safe cruising through the city.
Hip & functional backpack that no one can enter while wearing it. He conquers the whole world and is recognized as the best anti-theft backpack available. It is made of cut-resistant material and is full of hidden zippers and secret compartments.
Spectacles holder in the form of a unicorn. You'll never lose your glasses again, because.... unicorns are magic!
A true sponge head, this Brain Drain. Handy and funny for use in the shower or kitchen.
Neko, the lazy cat, sleeps all day long until you get home. Wake him up by hanging your keychain around his neck and he will open his plump eyes and observe curiously what you're doing.
No matter how late you get home, this faithful dog will open his eyes to keep your keys safe. Hang them under his neck and he will watch over them.
Pan Pan is a sweet panda bear that will watch over your keys soon as you come home. Hang your keys under his neck and your buddy will open his eyes to keep them safe.
Super handy case in which you can store both your eyeglasses and contact lenses.
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