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Make ice cubes in the form of a cool unicorn.
Ma! Ma! Ma! Cup for coffee, tea or other (hot) drinks. Extremely suitable gift for all mothers, because they are magical, master, manager, madam, mascara, ... Fun for Mother's Day, or just like that, out of love.
No better hotel than Hotel Mama! This cup for coffee, tea or other (hot) drinks is a nice gift for all mothers with whom it is so good to live or stay. Give it on Mother's Day, or just out of love, whenever you want!
Ain't no time for drama! Drinking cup for coffee, tea or other (hot) drinks. Extremely suitable gift for all 'no drama' moms, for example on Mother's Day.
Funny gift for the sushi enthusiast: 3 pairs of fun and comfy socks, shaped as sushi.
Handy wine glass with a bell at the bottom. Ring it discreetly (or less discreetly) when your glass is empty.
Finally a wine glass that is big enough for your 'glass of wine'. With imprint "Finally! A wine glass that fits my needs! Can be filled at will with red wine, white wine or rosé wine. Cheers!
Surprise your friends with a 'bottomless wine glass' when they say they have time for only one single glass.
Combi wine glass / coffee, to be used as a coffee mug before 5 p.m. and as a wine glass after 5 p.m. You will never again be mistaken and you will no longer be tempted to start drinking before 5 o'clock, or to sit down and slurp coffee after 5 o'clock.
From now on you can literally wipe your ass (excuse us the word) at Donald Trump. This roll of WC paper with a picture of The Donald on each leaf points the way...
Lovely floating in an inflatable unicorn swimming ring. This summer too, everyone needs their own 'inflatable'.
Floating around in an inflatable donut poolband. This summer too, everyone needs their own 'inflatable'.
Stylish kitchen roll holder from the Japanese design brand Yamazaki. Due to the use of natural wood it fits in both a modern and a romantic kitchen interior.
Convenient 'catch-all'-trays for emptying your trouser pockets or handbag. Put them in the hall or at the entrance of your home and throw in your stuff such as keys, coins, mobile phone, glasses, etc.
Beautiful accessory holder with 4 round drawers in which jewelry and cosmetics can be stored. Rotate the drawers as you like. They are very easy to re-assemble and the accessories are easy to remove.
Thanks to this wine glass with a print of the musical ladder, you can set the right tone at the table. For those who love a dash of music with a good glass of wine!
Maneki-Neko is a fortune provider from Japan. This sweet kitten just doesn't stop waving, to spread happiness all around. Place it in a conspicuous spot where everyone can see it.
Surprise your friends with a 'bottomless' wine glass for their favourite bubbles: Prosecco, Cava, Champagne, Crémant,... Cheers!
Spacious shopping bag of German quality brand Reisenthel, made for parents - by parents. The extra handle allows children to play an active role in shopping and walking, always safely on the side of mom or daddy.
Bobby Bizz, the Best Business Briefcase and Backpack. Keeps your belongings safe and makes your commute all that more comfortable. The Bobby Bizz is the perfect traveling sidekick, super safe for all your stuff (laptop, mobile phone, wallet, etc.).
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