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Wooden Multi-Tool, including key ring, knife, pliers,... Very handy, often at times and places where you didn't expect it. So, be prepared!
Everyone, young and old, loves Miffy, the sweet rabbit. It's wonderful news that Miffy now exists as a cute keychain, always ready to go out with you!
Lightbox keychain that you can personalize with your own message. It gives real light and contains a set of 75 letters and symbols in the form of stickers.
Funky oversized keyring. This eye-catching key holder will allow you never lose sight of your keys. Make your Oversized choice: Rainbow or Flamingo Pool Float.
Keychain in the form of the popular emoticon' Love'.
The Wood Hammer Multi-Tool has 10 tools in 1. Tools included are: hammer, flat head screwdriver, bottle opener, reamer, saw blade, file, knife blade, phillips head screwdriver, pliers and wire cutters. Keychain included.
Cheerful key rings in metal and various motifs. Choose your favourite!
Cheerful metal keychains in various nice shapes and with a nice color touch. Choose your favourite!
Keyring in the shape of a colourful rainbow. For a guaranteed happy or gay feeling, all year round.
Keyring for a guaranteed summer feeling, all year round. Going out with a flamingo and coming home with a flamingo, it always feels tropical!
No matter how late you get home, this faithful dog will open his eyes to keep your keys safe. Hang them under his neck and he will watch over them.
€14,99 €7,49
Pan Pan is a sweet panda bear that will watch over your keys soon as you come home. Hang your keys under his neck and your buddy will open his eyes to keep them safe.
No more searching for your keys. Here's a keychain you cannot miss: keychain in the shape of a large, colorful key. Available in white.
€19,99 €9,99
Hang your keys on the little birds. Each birdis a keyholder and a whistle. Back at home, hang your little birdies with your keys in their birdhouse, also your key box.
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