Tropical Designtrend: flamingo's and cacti in our house

Tropical Designtrend: flamingo's and cacti in our house

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A design trend that makes everyone happy

If we can summarise the years 2017 and 2018 in one design trend, we do know: Tropical is everywhere! It started reluctantly in the summer of 2016, with that beautiful bright pink bird, called flamingo. Here and there he appeared cautiously, but since then you can't look next to it. More even, he now gets plenty of company from a whole arsenal of tropical friends. A trend of decoration that makes everyone happy.

What exactly is that' tropical design' theme?

In fact, it is simple, or not? Is it sufficient that an exotic beast or fruit is depicted in bright colours? Yes and no, because lions or bananas, both of which are quite exotic, we haven't seen much in our favourite design shops yet. The trend is more specific. It is the pink flamingo that predominates, closely followed by the cactus. But also pineapples, toucans, palm trees, rainbows, watermelons and even snakes or crocodiles conquer their rightful place.

And what about the omnipresent unicorn?

The unicorn! Of course we cannot overlook this mythical animal. Also unicornsdo conquer our interior. The gadgets, design accessories, LED lights and interior objects in the form of a magical unicorn can no longer be counted. But does the unicorn belong to the tropical hype or not? Opinions are divided on this. Maybe it's a trend in itself, one that never will disappear again...

How does such a global designtrend or -hype arise?

Design trends are of all times. But what's new is the way and the speed with which they can emerge today. It is no longer just the designers themselves who create certain trends by using innovative colours or themes at trade fairs.

More and more these trends are coming from the bottom up and designers all over the world then jump on the train. For example, international stars often let themselves be spotted with innovative outfits or trendy interior objects. Through social media, their fans distribute these photos and videos in record speed across the globe.

The many likes, comments and shares then strengthen the spread, and before you know it, everyone wants to float on an inflatable XL flamingo, pineapple, lobster, cactus, or golden swan

Which design trends preceded the Tropical Trend?

Trends are of all times and often run through each other. One person is more likely to fall for the Tropical theme, while another prefers sober Scandinavian or Japanese design, or any object that is -for example- trendy copper-coloured.

And let us not forget all kinds of animals! Animals have always played a big role in different design trends. In recent years there has been a pronounced duck fad, followed by the omnipresent owls, deer heads and dinos.

Not so long ago, everyone was delighted by the retro motifs from the 1960s and 1970s, by the black and silver colored baroque theme with striking curls, by inflatable furniture, by fluffy decorated mood lamps, etc...

As a trendshop, Axeswar Design is very much looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for us all. We will continue to follow it up for you and bring it with a big smile to your home!





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