Sonny Angels keep spreading happiness

Sonny Angels keep spreading happiness

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Sonny Angel, the cutest angel on earth

The Sonny Angel is a small angel with blushing cheeks and wings on the back. These cute lucky charms come over from Japan and are real collector's items.
They come in many delicious variations, divided in series ranging from animals to marine inhabitants, fruits and vegetables, flowers, ... Occasionally, there's a special series of limited edition: the Halloween Series, Christmas Series, Easter Series, Valentine Series, Laduree Pastry Series, Birthday Gift Series, Sweets Series, Summer Vacation Series,...

Always around to protect you

What's so wonderful to the Sonny Angels: they are a phenomenon all over the world! Everyone falls for their innocent charms. Young and old, male or female ... That's because the Angels want to make our daily lives more playful and happier. They are everyone's little friend and always around to protect you (or at least do laugh).
Each series also includes a Secret Sonny Angel. These are very rare and therefore very popular. Collectors go totally crazy!

A Sonny Angel blind date ...

Also important to know: a Sonny Angel is always bought blindly. That means: you do not know in advance which Angel you're getting. They are (per series) all wrapped in similar, sealed cases. Nobody can see which Angel is inside. The idea is that the Angel chooses YOU, like a real lucky charm. Which ever version you get, he will allways be your little personal guardian angel. Take him everywhere. He is only 7.5 cm high, small enough for your pocket or purse.

In competition with the Smiski's?

Recently the Sonny Angels were joined by the Smiski's. Or should we call it competition? Their task is a bit different, though. Instead of bringing happiness, the Smiski's love to pop up in the most amazing places in the house. And they are luminous, because the Smiski's are small ... GLOW IN THE DARK dolls! A very cute little gift, indeed...

Who do you prefer, the Sonny Angels or Smiski's?

Let us know in a comment on this blog post. The fact is that both Sonny Angels as the Smiski's are a very popular and original gift. Want to put a smile on someone's face? Then a Sonny Angel or Smiski is always a wonderful gift. For her, for him, for the kids ... everybody loves them.

Did you know that...

- the first Sonny Angel was already born in 2004?
- Robby Angel is a friend of the Sonny Angels but very rare and therefore very hard to catch?
- people worldwide take pictures of their Sonny Angels and spread them via social media?
- Sonny Angels often photogenic pop up in the strangest places?
- you can find all information about Sonny Angels on the official Sonny Angels-website?
- Axeswar Design is an official dealer of Sonny Angels and Smiski's?






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