LightBox: the perfect gift that makes everyone happy!

LightBox: the perfect gift that makes everyone happy!

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What exactly is a LightBox?

A LightBox or LetterLamp is a LED ambient lamp that can stand as well as hang on the wall. But different than any other lamp, the LightBox constantly changes its view. You can add a variety of luminous messages to the lamp yourself. At any occasion, party or state of mind you let the lamp 'say' what you want or what you feel. That can be a spell, congratulations, a number, a quote, something funny, or complete nonsense. It will always stand out!

What makes a Lightbox the perfect gift?

The gigantic success of the LightBox is explained by the many features that this unique 'do it yourself letter lamp' has. We'll list up some of these:

- A LightBox looks cool and beautiful

- is personalizable with a different message at each moment

- turns a smile on everyone's face

- triggers you to be creative

- can stand as well as hang on the wall

- fits every festive occasion

- suits any age

- occurs in different types and prices

- can be supplemented with unique letterpacks and symbols

- ...

What is your best choice when ready to buy a LightBox?

If you want to buy a LightBox to pamper yourself or to make someone happy with a nice gift, then take a look at some things. There are quite a few differences:


*Which brand to choose for your LightBox?
One big rule: beware of poor imitation of inferior quality. At Axeswar Design we consciously chose two reputable and reliable brands: 'A Little Lovely Company', a Dutch brand distributing the original LightBox, as well as 'Locomocean', a brand that produces an equally high quality and comprehensive range of LightBoxes.


*Which power to choose for your LightBox?
Each LightBox (from A Little Lovely Company as well as from Locomocean) works on batteries. But since everyone likes to use his lightBox almost continuously, we recommend using electric power. That consumes less batteries and is therefore also better for the environment.
LightBoxes from A Little Lovely Company always work with a separate adapter (not included).
Most LightBoxes from Locomocean work with a standard USB cable (not included), but some work with an adapter (not included). This is always clearly stated at the info.


*What size to choose for your LightBox?
This choice depends on three factors: what's your budget, how striking do you want your Lightbox to be, and how brief or extensive do you like to make your text messages? Usually the A4 format is chosen. But there are also some other formats available:
- A Little Lovely Company has LightBoxes in sizes A4, A5, A5 Extra Long and XL

- Locomocean has LightBoxes in sizes A4 and A5

*Which framework to choose for your LightBox?
This choice entirely depends on your own taste. Originally, each LightBox had a black frame. This black original is still the most sold.
However, the popularity of the LightBox became so big that several variations appeared. A Little Lovely Company came with white, pink and coin-colored frames.

*Which light color to choose for your LightBox?
Yes, you can also choose the light color, since Locomocean recently introduced the 'Rainbow' LightBox. The light color can change from one color to another, or you can set one of 7 different light colors. This way you always have a proper backgroundcolor for each message.


Which additional Letter Packs fit in which LightBox?

By default, a basic set of at least 85 letters and symbols is included with each LightBox. With this set one can easily form most of the sentences. However, if you want to fully apply your creativity, extra letter packs are more than welcome.


*What additional Letter Packs for your Lightbox can you choose? 
Too many to mention. Regularly, both brands bring out new fun letter packs, such as:

- LightBox Letter Pack Color

- LightBox Letter Pack Hand Drawn

- LightBox Letter Pack Kids ABC

- LightBox Letter Pack Script Letters

- LightBox Letter Pack Kawaii

- LightBox Letter Pack Emoji

- LightBox Letter Pack Unicorns, Rainbows en Cupcakes

- LightBox Letter Pack Celebrations

- LightBox Letter Pack Numbers & Symbols

- ...


*Do all additional Letter Packs match all types and brands of Lightboxes?
The additional Letter Packs fit into all standard A4-size LightBoxes, from both market leaders. So, whether you choose an A4-LightBox from A Little Lovely Company or Locomocean: The Letter Packs of both are 100% compatible and therefore useful for both top brands.

Who will you make happy with a LightBox?

Here we can be clear. Presumably there is no one around this whole planet who would not be happy if he or she would receive a LightBox with a beautiful luminous and personalized message. Just think about the possible occasions:

- on a wedding anniversary

- at birth

- with a good school report

- at a birthday

- at an engagement

- at a communion

- when setting up a new (children's) room

- as consolation at a sad event

- at a party

- when setting up a student room

- when moving to a new residence

- at a housewarming

- at mother's day

- at father's Day

- with a new job

- as a thank you

- at a promotion

- at retirement


So, now it's up to you to make the choice that best suits your needs. Our full range of Lightboxes and extra Letter Packs can be found HERE.




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