Search, find and buy original gifts - 10 tips!

Search, find and buy original gifts - 10 tips!

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1) Turn your search for the perfect gift into a fun experience

Making someone happy with an original gift is one of the nicest things there are. Searching for the perfect gift is not a tedious task. Just turn it into a fun experience yourself.

Take your time and make a pleasant trip out of it. That can be in your own region, but also a little further away. Combine it with a fun city trip, for example to Ghent (Belgium). Ghent certainly is an exciting choice. It is a booming medieval town in Flanders, Belgium. There is a young and relaxed atmosphere, with always something to enjoy. And you will find surprisingly many original gift shops, trendy design shops and shops and restaurants with an authentic soul throughout the city.

2) Or make your search for an original gift as efficient as possible

In that case, you want to score your perfect gift foremost quickly, purposefully and without hassle. You know where to go for a gift that will appeal to you and you go straight to your goal. That can be your favourite gift shop in the city, of which you know you will find something new at every visit. Or a webshop with an original and well-organized assortment.

3) Laughing is allowed, so dare to do a little crazy 

No, a gift does not always have to be functional or needy. An original gift should also not be too predictably 'in line' with what someone would expect to get. On the contrary!

Dare to do a little crazy and surprise your friends with something funny that they perhaps would never buy for themselves. You will see that it makes them sincerely happy. They will be laughing and the atmosphere will be excellent.

4) Put your own wishlist aside

It's not you who will get the gift you're looking for. It is meant to be given to someone else, okay? So put your own preferences aside, at least a little bit, and try to look through the eyes of that other person you want to surprise and make happy.


5) Get inspired in your search for a special gift

Getting some inspiration for a nice gift has never been easier than it is now, in these times of internet and social media. But watch out for an overkill of stimuli, because too much choice will lead to stress: STRESS TO CHOOSE!

A good idea is to subscribe to a few newsletters. Regularly they will provide you with some good ideas that you can park until the moment you need them to surprise someone.


6) Let brand, price or theme do their thing

- Brand:
Someone who is in love with Brand X, will be happy with a present of Brand X. No doubt about that.
Small tip: wrist in advance if he does not already have Product Y from Brand X, otherwise both of you will be sad.


- Price:
A classic trick is giving away something that looks more expensive than it actually cost you. The receiver will be delighted by so much generosity while you are proud of your smart purchase. Be careful not to do this too often, because over time it can start to stand out and possibly turn against you.


- Theme:
Search for themes that suit the person who is going to get something: gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for kids, interior tips, travel gadgets, retro gifts, mood lighting,...


7) Make it tangible and have it wrapped

Of course, experience gifts are great: a dinner, a citytrip arrangement, a concert, a balloon ride, etc. The fact that you don't have anything 'tangible' left over from it, often doesn't outweigh the unique memories.

Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day and only about 20 holiday days in a year, so these experience gifts like Bongobon or other coupons can sometimes cause PLANNING-STRESS.

A physical gift does not have that disadvantage. You give or get something that lasts for a long time and that you can enjoy every day again. And moreover, is there anything more fun than unpacking a beautifully wrapped surprise gift?


8) Make it a real surprise

How? By having someone else deliver your gift at your friends home. The receiver will say "WOW" 3 times:

1. WOW, who does it come from?

2. WOW, what would be inside it?

3. WOW, how did he arrange that?

PS: With every online order at Axeswar Design you can indicate whether it should be shipped to you or to a friend as a surprise gift.


9) Offer a way out

Nothing more annoying than a wrong gift choice. Therefore, always make sure you have a way out. When you purchase a gift, check whether you can exchange it if it doesn't suit your friend's taste.


10) Also give away the pleasure of choosing a gift

Impossible, you say? Think again! The solution is simple: give a gift voucher. By giving a gift voucher, you limit your own search for a suitable gift to choosing the perfect shop. That in itself is already a creative process that you accomplished well. The 'last mile' is then the responsability of the party pig. He or she gets the chance to choose something suitable from the entire assortment. This way you give him or her the pleasure of choosing a gift for him- of herself.





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